Jane Frances Ruby Author of New Fictional Novel, "The Azurite Encounter"
Young Adult Action/Adventure

on July 19, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
The Azurite Encounter by Jane Ruby is a very interesting and absorbing book. It can be read and appreciated by teenagers and parents alike and the messages that are expertly woven into the fabric of the story contain enough colors and textures to hold the attention of a wide variety of readers.
On one level, it is a story about high school students on an annual geology trip into the Grand Canyon. On deeper levels it is about finding truths in the simpler times of our lives and the exploration of cultures hidden within our own. Regardless of the levels, in developing the characters, Ms. Ruby does a tremendous job. She handles emerging personalities and circumstances with great understanding and clarity. Everyone will identify with much of what is going on. She draws the adult reader into the rich complexities of remembered awkwardness and potential that is high school and adolescence. The awkwardness is exemplified by the verbal bantering of gangly older children and the potential by the super natural and magic of super humans living well beyond lives measured in decades. As the travelers move deeper into the canyon, the depth of their characters are revealed as they discover who they are and their positions in a larger world as they confront the challenges that can reveal true character and intent. This all develops in a story line that develops rapidly. This book must have been edited many, many times because its true value exists in its essence. But, just when you think you have it figured out, the story, like the river at the bottom of the canyon it formed, makes an unexpected turn and changes speed. It races with the excitement and turbulence of obstacles in the shallows and of what is around the bend but then slows to allow the stillness to permit the time to reflect and the contemplation of deeper thoughts and water.
The Azurite Encounter is a very cohesive writing that was well researched and expertly told. Among the many and varied talents of the writer, the imagination of the author is vividly evident as she takes us not only into a famous canyon but deeper into ourselves. It is insightful, delightful, educational and above all else, a very entertaining book. A story that I thoroughly enjoyed and one that I tell others to read.

Ksenia B., 8th grade student and "Azurite Encounter lover
"An amazing book that combined perfect high school romance with amazing canyon action. I loved this book and couldn't put it down after I started. I'm waiting in anticipation for the sequel."

By JShea, Berkeley, CA 
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-researched, page-turning adventure story. The characters were well developed and captured today's typical teenager realistically without resorting to stereotypes. I felt I knew the characters as well as the setting. I finished the book with a desire to visit the Grand Canyon. I highly recommend giving this book a read.

LGG, Level Cross, N.Carolina "I really liked it! Thanks for portraying a home schooler in a positive light. If it had been given to me without knowing who wrote it, I would think it should be in all the school libraries. This is the kind of book middle/early high school should be reading. I would not have known it was from a first time author. I hope you have some more books in you!"

JGray, Chareleston, S.Carolina "This book was a joy to read. I found myself stopping many times to savor the cleverness and playfulness of the language and literary devices the author uses. As an adult, I enjoyed The Azurite Encounter enormously. I think, though, that it would be a fantastic read for younger readers as well. The characters are interesting and engaging people and great role models. There's not a vampire in the bunch. Nevertheless, there is a thread of mystery that keeps the reader engrossed, and plenty of action to keep the pages turning. I look forward to another Jane Frances Ruby creation."

rrm, Phoenix "This book is for young adults but I really enjoyed reading it. It's a fun, quick read and will make you longing for a trip to the Grand Canyon. I highly recommend it!"

PMattrey, Scottsdale "I found myself looking forward to finding out what was going to happen with these wonderful characters which the Author so skillfuly developed. I especially loved the banter which the teens used. I found myself laughing out loud regularly.I think that this is a great book for preteens and up. Everyone can relate to this book in some way. Nice light,fun,wholesome reading."

Kathryn, Phoenix "I would like to say this is one of the best books i have ever read. I loved it! This book is a page turner if i ever saw one. My favorite part of the book is there a riddles throughout the entire book. The riddles are at the start of some of the chapters. I can't wait to read it again! This will definatly become a clasic."

"A GREAT ACTION/ADVENTURE IN ARIZONA'S NATURAL WONDER OF THE WORLD!" BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend (Seasoned hiker from Phoenix) 

H.Bosau, Copy Editor, The Inkwell Mentor High School "Her book is a great read for anyone with a taste for adventure or high school stories that do not revolve around the cliché clique of alpha girl "Mean Girls" with sociopathic tendencies." 

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't miss this adventure!August 7, 2011
JAK62 -This review is from: The Azurite Encounter (Hardcover)

"As a frequent Grand Canyon hiker, I was enthralled by the mystery of The Azurite Encounter. Equally fascinating are the book's teenage characters. As a mom of teens, I can attest that Jane Frances Ruby thoroughly understands this complex (and funny) age group. A fun read for anyone, preteen on up, especially lovers of the Canyon! Keep on writing, Jane!"


B.Tanner, taken from SSJ Class Book Review, January 2011
"In my opinion, The Azurite Encounter is a great book. I choose it because I know the author personally and since it was about Arizona, I could kill to birds with one stone. Read a good book, get a good grade. Whatever works, you know. I would definitely recommend this book to a classmate, family member or friend. I actually already have. J This book has some suspense; it is funny, and just enjoyable. Plus, as a bonus for me, that small sense of romance too. J This book has an interesting plot and it sticks to that plot perfectly. It makes me want to keep reading to see what is going to happen. It reads smoothly and doesn't jump around a whole lot. This book is a great way for you to learn about a place while making it fun at the same time. It really is a great and interesting book. I actually can't wait for the author to write another book, maybe? I would definitely buy a copy of it if she did. You know another thing that would be cool? If this book was made into a movie! That would be so good! The character's features, personalities and habits were so relatable for me and I felt like I was really a part of the story at one time. The busy halls, the sports, the busy schedules, the change in library hours, and everything about the people in the story, was very easy for me to relate to as an eighth grade student. This is why I liked this book, The Azurite Encounter, so much"