Jane Frances Ruby Author of New Fictional Novel, "The Azurite Encounter"
Young Adult Action/Adventure

Desiree ran along the swollen creek back to the trees. She glanced back to see if the stranger was following. The burning in her arm radiated to her neck. Before reaching the trees she splashed into water. The creek level rose higher then before she left the campsite. She sidestepped it and climbed higher along the bank but found no dry path. She decided to run through the wet, wooded area. 

She started to panic. Her breathing turned to gasping. Her sides began to spasm. She stopped and leaned up against a tree to catch her breath. She now felt the cold water flowing into her boots. The creek was still rising.Keep moving, Desiree, you've been in situations worse than this, she thought. Her mind flashed back to the I Love Lucy television show. It sure would be nice to have firemen rescue me like they did Lucy and Ethel, she thought. 

Then she heard someone kicking water. She tried to look back, but her neck muscles cramped. She couldn't hold onto the tree anymore and started to slide down its trunk.