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Jane Frances Ruby, award-winning novelist, essayist, and short story writer is pleased that you've come visit the website that celebrates her journey into story-writing. You can browse pieces of the journey here on the home page, and also get more in-depth info from the other pages.

January 23, 2019 "Theories of Decay" wins Honorary Mention in London Book Festival - Take a peek at News & Events for details.

October 2018 Short stories take 1st & 3rd in AZ Authors Literary Contest! See News & Events for details.

 August 20, 2018 Just received news that "Brutal Hackage: A Young Adult Thriller" and "Theories of Decay" have been named as Finalists in the Short Story category of the 2018 Arizona Literary Contest! Go to News & Events for details.

July 11, 2018: You can catch a livestream radio interview of Jane on KPJM FM, on Thursday, July 12 at 1PM (EST), 10AM (Phoenix Time) from the station's website. Just  click here 

March 2018: Jane Frances Ruby's latest short story, "Brutal Hackage," takes first place in the Unpublished Category in the Los Angeles Book Festival. Details in News & Events.

December 2017: "The Catholic School from Hell" wins first place in Wild Card Category in the Great Midwest Book Festival (Chicago). Details in News & Events.

November 2017: Jane Frances Ruby's personal narrative essay "The Catholic School from Hell," wins 2nd place in the Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest. See News and Events for details. 

October 2017: Voiceless Whispers is Awarded First Place in "Young Adult Fiction" in the Royal Dragonfly Book Contest (Arizona). See News & Events for details.

September 2017: Voiceless Whispers is named as "Finalist" in New Mexico-Arizona Book Contest. See News & Events for details.

June 2017: Voiceless Whispers wins Award for Published Fiction. Go to News & Events for details.

March 2016 NewsFLASH: The Azurite Encounter Wins Award in Southwest Book Festival

Go to News & Events for details

February 2016 Update: Revision of Voiceless Whispers has been grueling. Note to futu
re novelists: Pick a point of view that works best with your story! I initially wrote it in omniscent point of view, but discovered that 3rd person gets my readers to better understand why my major characters do what they do without over writing.

Finally hiked to the BOTTOM of the Grand Canyon!

From January 30 to February 2, I joined 7 other woman on a hike to the Grand Canyon's World Famous Phantom Ranch. It sure helped confirm all the sights, sounds, smells, and feels I described in Chapter XI of The Azurite Encounter. Go to News and Events for a quick summary of my group's ascent. You can read a detailed account (Photos too? Yes, photos too!) in the Author section.

November 2014 NEWSFLASH:

The Azurite Encounter won 1st Place in the 2014 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards,novel category! 

See my selfie below. Was tricky holding cellphone camera along with award. Photo shot in my front yard right next to my lush and sometimes painful Agave plant.

The Azurite Encounter Award Winner

Already on my nth revision of Voiceless Whispers: Call of the New Shaman (sequel to The Azurite Encounter). Trying to reduce the babble and wordy omniscient narration. Writing sequels is a whole new ballgame. Have to assume the reader has not read the first book--ugh, this is tough.

Meanwhile, The Azurite Encounter (abbreviated as TAE) has won a few awards: "Finalist" in 2012 NM-AZ Literary Awards, "Honorable Mention" in 2013 Purple Dragonfly Contest, and First Place-Novel category in 2014 Royal Dragonfly book awards.Thanks to many of you who read TAE and entered a review in Amazon.com or elsewhere.

October 14, 2013 update:

Still editing "Voiceless Whispers." I know most of you are anxiously waiting for it to go Live. The story is complete, but I want it to be better than "The Azurite Encounter." That means scrutinizing it by several readers.

Much thanks goes out to my first critique circle (my daughters and Sean, the home-schooled wonder). Thanks also to Barb, Dean and Russ, my second critique circle. My third circle is a bit tougher than the first two, but they haven't read my first book, so do not have previous history of the story. That's a good thing because a sequel should STAND ON IT'S OWN. So I am learning how to write "Voiceless Whispers" as if it was an original novel and not a sequel.

Please be patient. I hope to get this edited within 6 months, but it'll be well worth the wait.



I have a March 8, 2013 update on the News and Events page.

September 24 (late evening): I finally got my revision of "The Azurite Encounter" done! It took me a month and a half. Well, not 24/7 month and a half, but quality time during those days. Now if I can just get the PDF file to the printer before these library engagements. Eh, even if I don't; I'll have the file sent to Amazon and all the other great book retailers in time for the gift-giving season.

September 24, 2012. Signed up for two "Read a Lot" engagements. The first one is at Cholla Public Library, 10050 East Metro Parkway in Phoenix, this Saturday, September 29. I'll be reading snippets from "The Azurite Encounter." Please come down and say Hi! I'll be selling the first printing at a grossly reduced price.

The next engagement is the following Saturday, October 6, at the Sedona Library. Not sure on the time yet, but will update as soon as I get the schedule.

July 8, 2012: Just returned from the Grand Canyon yesterday. Got lots of information from the collection museum and folks up at the Village Clinic. Also bought the 10th Anniversary Edition of "Over The Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon for more data involving falls and other accidents. Fuel for the Sequel!

I so had to research more information for the sequel. Shedi needed to climb the area of the Grand Canyon Orphan Mine because it was  the quickest way to exit the canyon, but unfortunately the steepest area. I got have photos of a cable that ran from the mine to the Rim Trail! Shedi went this route, based on the info I got from the Collection Museum. Thanks to them!

The folks at the village clinic were very helpful in telling me all the stuff they had for care of injured patients. They described the facilities and conversed with David, my husband/medical consultant, about patient care. I left a revised copy of "The Azurite Encounter" for them to enjoy.

June 8, 2012: After a few thousand hours of editing, I finally finished my revision of The Azurite Encounter. Many of you had no problem with the original text (you are obviously fantastic readers and got through all the convoluted plots/situations). But after rereading, I found a need to fix up a bunch of errors. For example, on page 164 Frank Ybarra told Taylor "Oh, I draw a little hear and there." Ugh--what a stupid little error! A few of you caught me on that rather quickly. Then on page 115 Janelle Sumner "wore a blue denim dress with silver studs decorating the yolk and neckline." My neighbor caught that one (thanks, Mr. Dennis)! Obviously spellcheck is not that good in finding homonym errors.

I found I gave Zoroaster Canyon a few different spellings. And the chairlift at Arizona Snowbowl is Agassiz, not Agassazi. I know a bunch of you breezed right by those errors, but I felt I owed Arizona and the Grand Canyon the respect they deserve with correct spellings.

Another big error was the Sunnyslope seniors building a campfire in Clear Creek. While they could have done so, I found that it's against park rules, and I wanted Mr. Roeser, their teacher, totally going by the rules. So he ended up hauling in a camp stove, and making soup and hot cocoa that way.

April 2, 2012: My work on the sequel has come to a screeching halt because I needed to super-revise The Azurite Encounter. After reading a few, more recent junior high reviews, I decided to better clarify some narration that was inserted between dialogues. It seemed difficult for some of the readers to follow. Some described having to go back and read passages over again. So because of this, I felt a need to un-complicate these narrations, thereby improving the flow. So tell me what you think. Email me @ jane@TheAzuriteEncounter.com!

Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona! As of Tuesday, February 14 I have completed 375 pages of my next novel, "Voiceless Whispers." Did some editing and more research in order to reach this point. I am learning tons more by the minute!



About The Azurite Encounter:

"My people believe that wearing Azurite can heal the damaged soul."Desiree Sumner needs massive healing when she enters high school. Her parents' separation and the death of her beloved grandfather throw her life into upheaval. She loses most of her interests and falls into a hazy kaleidoscope of daydreams. 

By her senior year, she's begun to heal when she learns of geology field trip to the Grand Canyon an adventure she and her grandfather had intended to have someday.

Their geology teacher mysteriously omits the camp's location from the permission slip and is oddly secretive about the real purpose for this annual trip. When the class finally arrives at the canyon, they are met with warm rains and a record snowmelt that causes the canyon waterways to overflow. The rising waters cut Desiree off from her group, and she encounters the forces of the Grand Canyon, the most frightening thing that's ever happened to her. Will she be able to escape with her life?


About Me I earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemistry from John Carroll University. My experiences serving the Alpine Valley Ski Patrol, playing beach volleyball, and race sailing provided many ideas forThe Azurite Encounter, my first novel. My husband, David and I live in Phoenix, Arizona along with our daughters, Alaina and Gillian. We all contributed to the book's content.

Read more about how I got The Azurite Encounter started on the "Author" page.